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Fuling Social Welfare Institute
First Home for Many Children

Since 1998, the Chongqing Fuling Social Welfare Institute has provided care and support for children without families.

Hundreds of growing infants and children have been tended by trained orphanage caregivers before joining their adopting parents or foster parents.  

The staff's goal is to treat all children fairly and to provide the best possible environment for a child until she or he has a family.


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                                                                                            You cannot give a kindness too soon.--Chinese Proverb

From Their Doorway: Much Hope

The social welfare institute, home to the children and elderly without families, is preparing to move from its location in the heart of the growing city of Fuling to a new facility on Gathering Clouds Mountain, where the air is clean and the buildings are modern and welcoming.    The "orphanage" as hundreds of adopting parents refer to it, has in its short existence seen rapid change and growth.  In ten years the facility has housed over 1600 children, and most of those children have since joined their families all over the world.  The overall health of the children at adoption and the openness of staff to visits by adopting parents speaks volumes about the success of this orphanage.  Through their doorway has come much need and from their doorway has flown much hope. 

From a two room facility in 1998, they quickly expanded with the help of Chinese Children's Charities, who built the Lily Orphan Care Center on the original orphanage site in 2002.   Other international organizations also quickly stepped up, providing funding for a clinic and support for the older children.   A foster care program was born, and at almost the same time an infant nurture program, funded by Fuling Kids International, was initiated.  At one point the orphanage staff were caring for over 400 children at a single time, an astounding feat. The quality of care given the children combined with a pressing need for support has inspired adopting families, friends and fans of this orphanage to help.  This open, welcoming orphanage staff continues to improve care for the children.


Today: New Challenges

As China has changed, so has the orphanage.  As the senior staff had been predicting the facility is now home to a growing number of children with special needs. These children will often not join a family. The new orphanage facility outside of the city is being designed especially with their complex needs in mind. The goal for the future:  Excellent therapy and care for children living at the orphanage and loving foster families for as many children as is possible.  

Always A Welcome for Returning Adoptees

Children and young adults adopted from Fuling have a constant place in the orphanage caregivers' and staff's hearts.   "These are always our kids, too," Director Yang says proudly.   "This is always 'Home Fuling' for them."   The original site, once lined with the cribs of beautiful babies, will keep open its gate to returning "Fulingers," who can see where they were cared for in the first months or years of their lives.   At the new orphanage on Gathering Clouds Mountain, staff expect to greet in the years to come these cherished international daughters and sons on their return visits. 

Fuling Kids International tends with heart to orphanage needs and fosters a community for children adopted from Fuling, China


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Fuling Kids International 

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