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You can give Noelle another worthy child a good year.


Sponsors photos and updates on the children they sponsor at the orphanage. 


Thank you for believing in me.


We tend with heart to orphanage needs and foster a community for children adopted from Fuling, China


qI would like to sponsor Noelle at $480 (cost for one child for a full year) 


q I would like to sponsor another child named:_______________ at $480 (cost for one child for a full year) 


q Please choose a child for me to sponsor at $480 (cost for one child for a full year)!

If you have an age group or gender you would prefer for your sponsored child or you want to support a child with a specific kind of challenge, please let us know in this space here.



I would like to make a general donation to Fuling Kids International instead of sponsoring a child.

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Fuling Kids International


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Fuling Kids International

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Fuling Kids International is a 501 C 3 Nonprofit.   Want to give online