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Help Me Learn
For just $12,000 a year the Fuling orphanage can provide an on-site school for the children with special needs.

Your donation to the school makes it possible to pay a teacher's salary, offer her training by skilled therapists and special education practitioners, and provide innovative school materials.  Without this on-site school the cost of educating the children would be impossible to afford

Please give so these beautiful children
can reach their potential.

These little learners love school.      They need our support.


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Thank you for believing in me.

 Ai's cerebral palsy has made walking difficult, but she loves interacting in the classroom. Since the new school started at the orphanage, she has become an extrovert!  Her growth is exciting to see.

Teacher, I know the answer!

Little Learners School places a priority on providing sensory information and floor time for the children. This practice builds upon the stimulation and affection the children experienced as babies in FKI's First Hugs Infant Nurture Program.  Now they are ready for group activities to develop their social skills and hands-on learning to build their thinking and motor skills.

A Unique Blend of Chinese and Western Learning


A consulting Special Education Specialist from Pacific University helps one of the Little Learners at the orphanage try out communicating with her fingers.  Being heard and understood can be hard for children with disabilities. FKI is working to find methods that help the children participate in meaningful ways with each other, staff, and visitors.

We tend with heart to orphanage needs and foster a community for children adopted from Fuling, China


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Physical and occupational therapy are part of the learning day.

All kids need to know they are valued and have a seat at the learning table.

Less than a year ago these 3 to 7 year olds did not go to school. Their daily schedules did not include precious time working together as a kind, skilled teacher guided them through songs, puzzles, drawing and problem solving.  Today is another story!  Like children around the world, they now have their own teacher and classroom.

Orphans with disabilities in China most often face a narrow and dark future. The partnership between the Fuling Orphanage, FKI and specialists from Pacific University is all about opening doors for them.

Please be a part of the solution for these capable kids.

Fuling Kids International 

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